Types & Sources of Media Revenue and Online Content Creators

DicatNews - Online media is simply media that is presented through the internet. Interesting question, who or what might be called the media in the online world? Is Youtube a media? Is social media also media? And can the owner of the Youtube channel, the blog owner and the owner of a social media account also be called the media? We will describe one by one to answer these questions.

So if you say you only have a Facebook account, which you always use to write articles that are read by many people so that readers get information or are entertained, then your account may already be called online media.

Then all that remains is to find a way, if your media wants to be called as big media it means you have to have a large audience, too, if your media wants to be called professional media it must be managed in the form of a company and has its own platform, if you want to be called media media your media means your media must contain news in accordance with journalistic rules, and so on.
Then are Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also media? Of course if we have agreed with the definition of the media earlier. Although these platforms do not create content, their platforms contain content from content creators.

Type of Online Media

Online Media is a media provider that uses the internet and platform described earlier. The types are as follows,

1. Portal

Portal is Online Media in the form of collection of article content, photos, graphic info, videos to live streaming videos using the Domain Platform.

(+) Advantages of Website Portal:

Has its own media and address
The media is completely free to determine the brand, design, content, promotion and advertising.
Can enter all types of content.
(-) Weaknesses of Website Portal:

The portion of content in the Website Portal usually contains more articles, while the interest in reading Indonesian is very small. According to an article on the website of the Ministry of Communication and Information, people in Indonesia are 'lazy to read but are fussy at social media' and according to UNESCO, Indonesia is second from the bottom of the matter of world literacy, out of 1,000 Indonesians, only 1 person likes to read.
The data was indeed about the interest in reading books or literacy, not about the interest in reading articles. Then what's the connection? Articles are not books, but articles are not status or social media comments, the only type of writing that can attract Indonesian literacy.

Ironically, now there are also many online media in the class of well-known news portals that write articles like writing social media status. For the sake of pursuing frequency, quantity and visits, descriptions of online media articles are often very short and the contents are not as hot as the title. Habits of such online media actually drive people who really like to read.

Examples of Website Portal are Detik, Kapanlagi, Alodokter, Kaskus, Bola, Motorplus, Trendingbusiness, and so on.

2. Blog

Blogs are Online Media in the form of a collection of article content using the Blogging Platform.

 (+) Blog Advantages:

Easy to make, Blogging Platform has provided its own domain (can also use a domain) and templates that are ready to use, so that blog owners can immediately create articles.
(-) Blog Weaknesses:

Lack of interest in reading Indonesian society.
Examples of blogs are Radityadika, Iwanbanaran, indahjulianti, and so on.

3. Channel

Channel is Online Media in the form of a collection of video content that uses the Video Sharing Platform. Youtube is currently the most popular platform for creating channels.

 (+) Channel Strengths:

This form of video content is preferred.
By using the Youtube platform, channel owners easily interact with the audience and can monitor the development of the channel in real time and can submit monetization (advertising collaboration) with Google Adsense.
(-) Lack of Video Channel:

The cost of creating video content is greater and time consuming than other types of content.
Channel examples (Youtube) are Najwa Shihab, Assumption, Adi Hidayat Official, deddy corbuzier, MANJI world, Atta Halilintar, Ricis Official, Raditya Dika, Business Trending, and so on.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are Online Media in the form of a collection of audio recordings of conversation content that use the Audio and Music Sharing Platform. At first glance the Podcast is like a radio talk show, but the Podcast is not limited to a specific duration, or it can also resemble the sound of a recorded monologue speaker.

 (+) Advantages of Podcasts:

Creating Podcast content is also easier and cheaper than video content, except if you want to have professional-class audio quality.
(-) Disadvantages of Podcasts:

Not many audiences in Indonesia are familiar with Podcasts.
Examples of Podcasts are Raditya Dika Podcasts, Finansialku Talk Podcasts, Fahri Hamzah Podcasts, Rebbeltalks, Trending Business Podcasts, and so on.

 5. Social Media Accounts Enthusiasts

Social Media Enthusiasts is an Online Media in the form of a collection of activity sharing content using the Social Media Platform. Currently Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular platforms to make your account a part of Media Online.

With Facebook, users can enter all types of content, such as articles, photos, videos and so on. While with Instagram, enough with photos and a little writing about the photo. That's enough to make you Social Media Enthusiasts, provided you have an audience of course.

 (+) Strengths of Social Media Enthusiasts:

Earlier we had discussed, according to the website of the Ministry of Communication and Information, that people in Indonesia are 'lazy to read but are fussy at social media'. This information is actually good news for Social Media Enthusiasts, meaning that this media has a large audience.
(-) Lack of Social Media Enthusiasts:

Usually in the world of social media, the audience does not come to search for content, except in Indonesia and when the political seasons warm up. Facebook is used to interact with friends and Instagram is used to interact with followers and figures we follow, therefore, Social Media Enthusiasts usually only make small content (teasers) for the promotion of their content on other platforms, in addition to content promotion, most of the content Another on social media is the type of trade promotion content and co-fitting content from other online media platforms.

Online Media and Content Creator Revenue Sources

a. Advertisement

As with other online businesses, media that has a very large number of visitors is sure to be approached by advertisers. The source of online media advertising revenue is Google Adsense, Advertising Agency or directly from the Brand, we have more discussion about advertising in the chapter on advertising.

b. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a product marketing collaboration program. The principle is the same as advertising. The difference is that this program is not offered by Google and only offers CPA (cost per action) advertising, the media is only paid when the advertisement successfully produces product purchases, with a fixed rate or percent of product price calculation.

c. Paywall (Subscribe)

Paywall is limiting audience access to content, the audience can only enjoy full content if they register to become paid customers.

This method was originally used by well-known print media that shifted to online media, such as the Wall Street Journal, Times and Kompas. Unfortunately this method did not work, even the Times almost lost 90% of its readers.

Of course, while there are other choices that are free, why does the audience have to pay? Paywall can only be done if the media are absolutely sure that the content is very important or very desirable and only that media has the content.

d. Production House (Manufacture Order)

Content creators can earn income creating content based on company orders

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