How to Register a DomaiNesia Affiliate ?

DicatNews - How to Register a DomaiNesia Affiliate What is Affiliate? Affiliate is one system where you will recommend someone to a website about a matter through a certain URL. Then you will get a number of benefits if the person you recommend buying a product on the website. For example, you have activated an affiliate account at DomaiNesia . After that, DomaiNesia will set the affiliate URL for you to use. When someone else opens the DomaiNesia websitethrough your affiliate URL and shopping for a hosting product or hosting package at DomaiNesia, you will benefit from the payment. Usually in the business world, affiliates are often called brokers. Affiliates are also often referred to as referrals.

What are the Benefits of Activating an Affiliate Account?
By activating an affiliate account, of course you will get many benefits. One of them is, you will get up to 30% commission results that will be obtained from each hosting service purchased. It should be noted, that the commission amount is based on Hosting and not based on cycle. The greater the hosting is purchased, the greater the percentage of commission you get. For more details, please check at https: //www.domainesia.com/afiliation/ . or you can also register here. There is an illustration table of the number of affiliate commissions that you can get.

Can Affiliate Commissions be withdrawn?
Of course. Commissions that you get when you become an affiliate can be disbursed. Keep in mind that the commission only applies to sales of Hosting and Hosting Packages. Funds can be disbursed after passing a delay period of 30 days. The method of disbursing affiliate commissions can be done by depositing to your account at DomaiNesia or transferred directly to a bank account as requested. Commission redemption can be done with a minimum commission disbursement of Rp 100,000. To find out how to withdraw affiliate commissions, please read the DomaiNesia Affiliate Commission Disbursement Guide 

Can I Buy Products at DomaiNesia with an Affiliate Commission?
Of course. The affiliate commission that you get will be deposited into your DomaiNesia account as a deposit. Where can later be used to pay bills from DomaiNesia product orders. For example ordering domains, hosting packages, hosting, SSL, web apps and virtual servers.

How to Activate a DomaiNesia Affiliate Account?
1. Choosing a Domestic Menu Affiliate
The first step is to open www. domainesia.com . Then scroll to the bottom there is an Affiliate menu. Please click on Affiliate.

Then you will be directed to the DomaiNesia affiliate page. To activate an affiliate account at DomaiNesia, you must first activate it by clicking Activate Affiliate Account. On this DomaiNesia affiliate page, you can also find out the total affiliate commission, how affiliates work and the various benefits that you will get.

2. Activate Affiliate Account Through Client Area
After that you will go to the client area login page. Please enter the email and password that you have in your DomaiNesia account After that click Sign in.

If the login is successful, then you will be directed to the Client Area page. To activate an affiliate account, you simply click on the Affiliate Menu. On the Affiliate page there is a flow of DomaiNesia affiliate work that you can read and understand. If you have questions, please contact our Support Team directly. To activate the affiliate feature, please click Activate Affiliate Account.

After an active affiliate account, you will be given a unique affiliate address that can be given to other people. So when someone else buys a hosting or hosting package at DomaiNesia through this unique affiliate address, you will get a commission. You can also give discount coupons to other people.

3. Add Coupon Codes
To add a coupon, in the Coupon Code section, click Add New Coupon Code. This coupon code functions as a voucher if your friend places an order hosting or hosting package at DomaiNesia.

Then write the name of the coupon code you want. You can also choose the type of coupon. There are various types of coupons to choose from. After that, click Add New Coupon.

After that, click on the Affiliate menu again. You can share URL addresses with others in various ways:
a. Live
You can share your unique affiliate address directly with others. Please block the URL and copy. Give the URL to someone else. Well, when someone else opens the link then you will get a commission.

b. Banner
In addition to using the direct way by providing an affiliate address link to others, you can also use promotional media with banners. DomaiNesia provides various banner sizes that you can use. In the Media Promotion section, please click the "+" sign and a number of banners will appear.

Select the banner image you want. Then, copy and paste the HTML code into the website / website that you have, by itself the banner will be installed. Every visitor who buys our hosting or hosting package products by visiting your link, then you will get an affiliate commission For those who are still confused about how to install banners on websites or blogs, please read the DomaiNesia Affiliate Banner Installation Guide.

5. Manage Affiliates
Affiliate management includes total balance, number of visitors, commissions on hold, referral data and so on. Quick Stats is the number of clicks (clicks), the number of registrants (signups) and conversions.
The balance includes the pending balance (commission pending), the main balance (available balance), the total balance withdrawn (total amount withdrawn).
Your refferals are the data of someone who becomes your referral.

Then how do you withdraw the affiliate commission? To withdraw the affiliate commission, please click Request WIddrawal. Now to withdraw an affiliate commission, please follow the Affiliate Commission Withdrawal Guide. Affiliate commission applies for every purchase of new hosting, hosting package, or VM with any cycle. Affiliate commissions do not apply to domain registration, SSL certificates and any service extensions. Withdrawal of affiliate commission will also be subject to withholding tax in accordance with PPh 21 or PPh 23.

Activating an affiliate account at DomaiNesia is one thing that is quite profitable. Just enough to make an affiliate address and share it with others then you have one chance to get a commission. Then, if the other person buys DomaiNesia products by visiting your affiliate address link, then you will get up to 30% commission that will be obtained from the hosting service purchased. Easy enough right? DomaiNesia is the best hosting service provider and cheap domain with a fairly affordable price without compromising quality. Thank you for using DomaiNesia services! ?

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