How does Affiliate RATAKAN ?

DicatNews - Affiliate Indonesia this one is the largest digital product market place in Indonesia that provides an affiliate system for its members and was established in 2014, for system problems that are very professional and reliable. For me, it is already equivalent to other outside market places, such as clickbank and Jvzoo. Commissions earned for affiliates range from 25% - 75% depending on the policy of the product owner to determine the commission, but most products apply a 50% commission system.

For products in it are very complete, almost all niches are there starting from e-course make money online, software or applications, about diet tips, couples relationship, hypnosis, templates, banners, power points for thesis, and so forth. So, if you are marketing an affiliate product using a website, it is very suitable to choose a niche product. Whether it's using a banner or with a review article.

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It should be noted, before proceeding, you should first read the terms and conditions of being an affiliate on RATAKAN , such as when the disbursement is made, the minimum amount of pay out / payment, and some related FAQs. I myself recommend this because I personally get a commission from RATAKAN.

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