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DicatNews - Get to know Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is actually a business model that has always existed, only the name now looks sophisticated, whereas from the first business activity like this already exists, namely a broker or intermediary business 

The only difference is that affiliate marketing works in the internet / online world so that it can be called an online broker. 

Example of an Offline Realtor Case

Reporting from a page said that an example of an offline realtor or broker in the real world that is easily told is in the wedding services business. Such as salon A is a wedding dress and makeup provider for the bride and groom. Si Wati fits into the design of salon A's wedding dress and decides to take the package provided by salon A which is the wedding dress and bridal make-up.

If the owner of salon A is a salesperson (most salon people are good at selling), he will offer to the Wati to take all the bridal stage decorations at a price that according to salon A owner is cheap and good. Of course the message must be through the owner of salon A to be cheaper. Remember the keyword 'pass'.

The Wati agreed to order the bridal stage decoration through the owner of salon A. Not finished up here, the owner of salon A asked back to Wati, whether she had ordered a wedding car. Of course it usually isn't, it's still 3 months from the wedding. Be the Wati besides buying a wedding dress and dressing package at salon A, also ordering a bridal car and stage decoration through the owner of salon A.

The owner of salon A will obviously receive a commission from the stage decoration service owner and the bridal car rental service owner. This is a win-win or win-win relationship.

Si Wati didn't bother to have to look for a stage decoration and bridal car rental service, and also get it at a cheaper price. The owner of salon A gets a commission. The stage decoration service providers and bridal car rental services are also happy because they can order without having to search again, even though they have to pay a small commission.

How Affiliate Marketing / Brokerage Works Online

And reported from a site said how do online brokers or affiliate marketing work? 

Simply explained, the main task of an affiliate marketer is to send as many visitors / visitors to the merchant / store website. When the visitor makes a purchase or makes a transaction on the merchant's website, the merchant will know that the visitor came from you and therefore you will be given a commission by the merchant.

How does the merchant know the visitor is coming from you?

When a visitor comes to your affiliate website and clicks a link that takes him to the merchant's website, at that time there is actually a behind-the-scenes process that occurs.

A cookie, a technical term, is actually a small file that is placed on the buyer's computer when they click the link to the merchant's website. This cookie is useful to inform the merchant that the visitor / visitor came from the affiliate / broker so that it will not happen the merchant gives a commission to another affiliate.

Well, that's all, actually affiliate marketing.

Simple is not it? Yes it is very simple, is it easy? Not always. You need to do the work to succeed in affiliate marketing, just like any business. Remember this is a business, not a lottery 

Overseas, almost all merchants / stores that sell products and services have an affiliate program. From big names like: Walmart, Home Depot, eBay, Yahoo, Dell, HP, Sony to small merchants that you most likely have never heard of.

There are thousands or even tens of thousands of merchants who have an affiliate program. So as an affiliate marketer, you will never be short of products / services that you want to promote. On the contrary, you will often be confused about which product / service / offer to promote. Each person's time is only a maximum of 24 hours, so you must be selective in choosing which merchant or affiliate program you want to promote.

Good luck with the Affiliate program, the banner below is an example of Affiliate Online.

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