How to Start Affiliate Marketing ?.

DicatNews - How to Start Affiliate Marketing ?. So, how? Are you already interested in starting affiliate marketing? Come, follow the following ways to start your affiliate marketing program.

Choose Your Niche

Your niche is a specific market that you want to target. Your niche can also be considered as a group of people who you feel will be interested in the items that you are promoting.

By determining the niche, you can then determine the topic of your website and what affiliate products you will sell. You can start by choosing a niche that suits your passion and hobbies. That way, you already have the knowledge and experience in that field and can create content that has value. In addition, if you like the field, you will also be more excited to run it. You also don't have to be an expert, but what's important is that you can get started more easily.

In affiliate marketing, your main focus is marketing. As long as you know how to market the product to visitors and readers of your blog or website, through the content that you create and release, you will still be able to make money.

If you are confused about how to determine your niche, here are some questions that you can try to answer to help you find your niche:

What topic do you like? Surely it will be easier if you choose a topic that you like and already have some more knowledge. That way, you can create content that has more value.
Can you make money from this niche? Of course you also need to consider whether you can make more money from your chosen niche.

What topics can make me interested in writing 25-100 blog posts? Content is one way that can be very supportive of affiliate marketing. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a topic that you like so that you do not get bored to create content around the topic. You also need to make enough content so that you can be considered an authority on the topic. That way, you can convince other people to buy the products that you discuss on your blog.

Are there affiliate programs available for this niche? This is certainly one of the important things that you need to think about. You may have thought about what niche topics you want to write on your website but you also have to find out first if the niche has affiliate programs. Without an affiliate program, you will not be able to do anything.
Research existing affiliate marketing programs

Once you find a niche that will be your focus, now you have to look for programs and products that are there. Choosing an affiliate program does take time, but don't be afraid to take the time to do deeper research because this will be where your income comes from. Choosing a program that will really help you.

Here are some things that can be your guide in choosing the right affiliate program:

Who are the users of the affiliate marketing program? With this, you can measure whether this affiliate program is profitable.
How much commission might you get from this product? Make sure that you enroll in a profitable program.
Do you want to be associated with these products and services? Make sure that the products and services that you are promoting are relevant to your audience. This point will be discussed further after this.
What support is provided by this affiliate program? Check first whether the affiliate program provides support. Because maybe one day, you will need support from their customer service.
One of the well-known e-commerce affiliate programs is the affiliate program from Amazon. In Indonesia, you can join the affiliate program from Lazada and Zalora. Dewaweb also has a hosting affiliate program provided specifically for all Dewaweb friends!

Research Affiliate Products

In this step, you should look for any affiliate products that can attract the attention of your niche. You can't just promote all the items you like. Promoting relevant products is the key so that you can achieve high conversion value. The more relevant the products you offer to your niche, the higher the chances are they will buy from the link that you place on your website.

Create a website or landing page

Website is the main thing that you need to start affiliate marketing. Building a website or landing page has become easier nowadays, all because of the technology available now. You don't need to have coding skills to create your website. Now, with the help of site builders like Strikingly, you can build websites easily.

Make a plan

Just like doing anything, you need to plan. For affiliate marketing, there are two things that you must prepare for, namely time and strategy. Most people start affiliate marketing as a side activity so you need to have good time management between your main job and your affiliate marketing business. You yourself can do affiliate marketing by setting aside 2-4 hours per day.

For the strategy, you can start with content marketing. You need to create content regularly. Therefore, you should try to plan how many posts you want to do in a week. Once you begin, you will have a deeper understanding of what needs to be prepared and what needs to be planned.

Some types of content that you can create for your website are:

Product Review. One of the most widely used models in affiliate marketing is writing a review about a product or service. This is one of the most frequently performed and established content models that can help collect affiliate marketing revenue.
Blog posts that discuss problems, questions, or issues that are frequently asked and relevant to your target audience. As mentioned above, creating content is one of the most effective ways to create consistent posts on a website. When you create a blog post, it's a good idea to do some keyword research to see what your audience actually wants and search online. You can also look at competitors, forums and social media to see what topics are being discussed a lot. For example, the painted blog itself reviews many topics related to online business, digital marketing, and web development.

Increase traffic

After you choose the niche and what products you want to promote, you need to get traffic to your website - either to the landing page that you have prepared or a review post where the affiliate link is placed. There are many ways you can do to increase website traffic. Overall there are two ways you can do that is with free traffic or paid traffic (paid traffic). Free traffic is your website visitors who come from Google Search and paid traffic is website visitors who come from advertisements.

The following are some ways that you can do to help promote your blog or website:

Promote your content through social media. One of the easiest and most widely used ways is to use social media to build an audience. Depending on your niche and industry, you can choose between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and several other niche social media. Building a following on social media with high engagement is one way that can guarantee high traffic to your website.
Use email marketing. Email list is one of the important things that must be owned by an affiliate marketer. You can read our article about how to build your email list.

You can read our article about how to increase website traffic to see what you can do to get organic website visitors.

Promote Your Affiliate Link

After you show that you can offer something for your niche, you should start promoting the affiliate links that you have. There are several ways you can do to promote your affiliate link.

Product Review. Write an honest review about a product. That way, you also build the trust of readers of your blog or website. Don't just write positive things about the product. If you find something that can be improved, why not write it in the post? Also use attractive images to attract attention. From this review, you can then put the affiliate link at the end of the post. That way, the audience who wants to buy the product can immediately buy using the affiliate link that you provide.

Banner ads. You can also put a banner on your website to promote your affiliate link. Usually, affiliate programs will provide banners for you so you only need to place them on your high-traffic pages.
External links on content. This is one of the most widely used ways by bloggers to put affiliate links in their articles. Sometimes you will see the blog author put links in certain words related to the product or service. If you click on the link and make a transaction, the blog owner will get a commission. Inserting links in content is one way that doesn't really look like a promotion. 
After you do all this, you can already start doing affiliate marketing. As long as you can offer relevant products to your website visitors and get high website traffic, you will get income from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one way that can help you earn more outside your main job. One of the things that must be considered in doing affiliate marketing is that you must be consistent and focused. Affiliate Marketing is my favorite way to make money online. Don't worry, affiliate marketing will not disappear and stop anytime soon. E-commerce is growing at a fairly rapid pace and exceeding predictions. It is estimated that e-commerce sales will skyrocket to more than 4 trillion by 2020. The more e-commerce grows, the more affiliate marketing grows. Therefore, it never hurts you to start doing affiliate marketing on your website.

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