Monetize Your Online Traffic And Increase Your Profits With ArabCliks

DicatNews - Monetize Your Online Traffic And Increase Your Profits With ArabCliks. Promote The Biggest, Most Desirable Brands On Your Site, Blog, YouTube Channel, Social Community. Get Exclusive Product Offers And Increase Your Commissions And Profits With ArabClicks.

Earn More With ArabClicks
Maximize your online marketing skills and assets – site, app, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat pages and more – by collaborating with the biggest, highest converting brands to increase your profits.

Maximize Your Profit!
Earn the highest commissions in the industry – up to 80% goes to you. Why run after dozens of advertisers to receive your payments? We do it all for you – receive one centralized payment for all your hard work

Quick And Trusted Payouts
We offer the most trusted, on-time payouts in the industry with a large variety of payment options. Receive your commission payments in up to twice-a-month transfers!

Promote The Best And Most Profitable Brands
Collaborate with the biggest and most desirable brands, get exclusive offers and increase your earnings.

360° Customer Services
Our local account managers provide real time responses and solutions. From login to finance, our professional teams deliver hands-on support and guidance to ensure your seamless integration into our system. Our affiliate-marketing experts deliver account setup and launch support, as well as a range of ongoing affiliate management services designed to reduce your workload and ensure you are getting the best of our system.

Account Management
Our customer service was created with you in mind. Our experienced account managers ensure that everyone – from the newest to the most experienced affiliates – receives the operational and strategic support they need to succeed. Your personal account manager will work closely with you to increase your profits.

Quick And Trusted Payouts
Receive your payments quickly and on schedule, with up to twice-a-month payments! We record all transactions in real-time so you can monitor activity on your account as it happens. Choose the payment method most comfortable for you from wire transfers, ACH, international ACH, PayPal, check, e-check, Western Union, and others.

Real-Time Tracking And Reporting
ArabClicks tracking ensures the most robust and in-depth reporting. We optimize and measure all performances indicators for real-time decisions based upon actionable data, maximizing the value of your digital marketing investments.

Expect Better Payments – Get bigger payouts and a portion of your commission before the advertiser validates the transaction.

Enjoy Personal Service – Receive fast and direct responses from our professional bilingual account management team – anytime, anywhere.

Score Better Offers – Work with invite-only advertisers, receive higher commissions, private discount codes & classified code-tracking data.

Access VIP Events – Build relationships with elite performance marketers & key entrepreneurs in the GCC’s digital business, marketing & innovations arena.

Maximize your Revenue Potential
By just simply adding one code to your site, ArabClicks will automatically turn regular links to affiliate links

Display Ads
Performance-Based Ads
Display only the highest-converting banners from ArabClicks, automatically optimized by revenue potential.

Monetize Any Link - Anywhere
Send, tweet, post and share affiliate links for all of your social networks and channels. No coding required!

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