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It has become very profitable to earn on the Internet in our time. You do not have to go to work for this. Everything is at your fingertips.

The main thing is to master the methodology of such earnings. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of us constantly dream of finding an online affiliate program where you can earn well.

For this, you have to flip through the pages constantly in search of the reviews. But now you can stop doing this as AliExpress.com is the most popular online store of the Chinese concern Alibaba Group. Accordingly, there is an aliexpress affiliate program.

The AliExpress official website sells products that were made in China. Here you can buy clothes, accessories, electronics, etc. that do not differ in quality from those products that are sold in the supermarkets, and at a cost of 4 times cheaper.

1. What is the affiliate program of Aliexpress? Basic principles of work
The thing is that the Chinese store aliexpress.com, like many others, has an affiliate program. Why is it needed? Among the online stores, there is a strong competition and each of them wants the buyer to come and buy from them. In addition, aliexpress.com is not just an online store, it's an online market where thousands of different sellers sell nearly the same products. And they also want you to buy something from them, rather than from a competitor. How do they attract a buyer? For this purpose, an affiliate program is made so that YOU, I, and many other people are interested in advertising their goods and getting a part of the profit from their sales. At the moment, you can receive from 7% to 12% from each transaction.

2. How can I earn money with the affiliate program of Aliexpress?
The essence of earnings is simple: many sellers on aliexpress are willing to pay a percentage from the sale if you bring a buyer. The percentage can be different, from 2% to 50%. The more buyers you bring to the aliexpress, the more you can earn, so everything depends on your agility.

With the AliExpress affiliate program you can work with:

a model of earnings on partner links, the transition to which ended with the purchase of goods (CPA);
referral model - the webmaster receives a fee for attracting users (% of their earnings or purchases);
the percentage of cashback from purchases made through its affiliate link (usually a 30% reward from cashback).
You can work on these models with or without your site. In the first variant, you place an affiliate link on your own web resource in the form of a hyperlink in a thematic material, a banner, or any other advertising form. In the second – you work with advertising on other websites, pages on social media, blogs, channels on YouTube, e-mail letters, and other authorized platforms (again, in the form of the same banners, teasers, text links).

What is commission?
In affiliate programs of Aliexpress, you receive income only if the customer referred to the site by your link has bought something. This is the only form of earnings for webmasters: the site does not pay money for the clicks, views of ads, and other advertising forms.

How much can you earn?
You get a fixed commission from each sale, its size can also depend on the monthly level of funds attracted by your links. For example, in some partner programs, there is a so-called progressive rate system i.e. all registered users get 8.5% of the attracted funds. But as soon as the amount of purchases from your links exceeds $10,000, the interest rate will be increased to 9%. And it can increase further:

when attracting more than 50 thousand dollars, webmaster's commission is 9.5%;
best affiliates that attract more than 100 thousand dollars, get 10%;
more than 1 million dollars, the rate is negotiated individually.
How much can you earn in this way? From ridiculous 10 dollars to 30 thousand dollars per month (30 thousand is the amount that, according to AliExpress, their best webmasters earn).

If you work on a referral program, you consistently earn 5% from the income of the partner involved.

How are payments made?
Payments can be made monthly but please note: the processing time for the order is 50-70 days i.e. every buyer you bring to Aliexpress makes a profit immediately, and you – only in 2.5 months.

Affiliates set a different minimum amount for withdrawal of funds. As a rule, it's about 10 dollars. And they can also charge a commission for withdrawing funds.

3. Official affiliate of Aliexpress (portals.aliexpress.com)
Portals.aliexpress.com is the official affiliate program of AliExpress which works on the CPS model (payment for orders). It does not have a referral system but it offers a percentage payment from the cost of the goods (for some offers it is 3.5%, for others – 50%). The main rule of this affiliate is not to violate any rules, otherwise, the ban will follow.

3. Official affiliate of Aliexpress (portals.aliexpress.com)
Portals.aliexpress.com is the official affiliate program of AliExpress which works on the CPS model (payment for orders). It does not have a referral system but it offers a percentage payment from the cost of the goods (for some offers it is 3.5%, for others – 50%). The main rule of this affiliate is not to violate any rules, otherwise, the ban will follow.

4. How to register in the Aliexpress affiliate program?
In order to become a member of the affiliate program of Aliexpress, you need to register on the official website or on the official partner site of AliExpress - E-commerce. Only individuals who have reached the age of 16 can take an advantage of this opportunity. For the correct registration, a special form is completed, which is available on the site. When filling in the fields, only the relevant information should be entered. It is especially important to give a real e-mail address and contact details, as they will be required in the registration process for confirmation and further work with the service. If a client does not confirm the data entered by them, they will not be able to withdraw funds from their personal account. Users can edit contact information if necessary. It is important to update the information in a timely manner in order to receive payments.

If you have a page on Facebook or Google, you can click the appropriate button and register through these social media.

5. Aliexpress affiliate program rules and conditions
After October 2015, the rates of the affiliate program aliexpress entry changed. Now the commission will depend on two factors:

The standard commission in each product category will now be fixed;
The incentive commission will be higher for those who sell a lot of goods.
Aliexpress realized that the people went into other Chinese stores and decided to stimulate webmasters better and more actively in order to attract new customers. Since September 2016, Aliexpress has introduced new incentive bonuses: it is necessary to promote an article on registration for Aliexpress, since only in this case, it is possible to expect new registrations and hence, an additional 6%.

The source of traffic can be:

Thematic sites
Banner advertising
Teaser advertising
Public pages, groups, communities on social media
Targeted ads on social media
Applications and games on social media, mobile and desktop applications, toolbars and plug-ins
Doorway Traffic
Cashback (return to users of a percentage of their purchases)
Contextual advertising (only YandexDirect, Google Adwords, Target@mail.ru, Begun)
E-mail, SMS-mailings.
The following is forbidden:

PPV Ads (ClicUnder, PopUnder, PopUp, Push Advertising, etc.)
Motivated traffic (Bonus, Cash)
Publish affiliate links on social networking sites iTao (itao.com)
Adult traffic.
Legally, partners have nothing to do with AliExpress, so it's important to understand that it's forbidden to use the AliExpress brand. With all who violate the rules, partnership relations will be severed.

6. Tools for working with Aliexpress affiliate program
After you've gone through a simple registration process, set up your profile and see what you will have to work with. For example, you will need to approve the sites for placing affiliate links with program moderators (usually the answer comes in a few hours).

Most often you will work with two tools of the affiliate program – Affiliate Link and DeepLink.

Affiliate link
In order to generate an affiliate link, go to the page of the desired product on AliExpress. Then select the Partner Links tool and paste the copied link. In addition to links to the product page, you can also create affiliate links to landings (one-page advertising sites).

To place such affiliate links, including posts on social media and comments on other sites, it is recommended to reduce them. If the corresponding menu is not in the interface of your affiliate program, you can use standard services like Google URL Shortener.

Next, publish a link to the site approved by the moderators and earn from purchases on Aliexpress!

The task for the deeplink is the same as for the "Affiliate Link" tool – to generate a link for the webmaster for its placement. But the generation mechanism is a bit different. For example, if you work with a lot of goods from AliExpress and other sites, it is much more convenient to create affiliate links without unnecessary actions and not just to the store's website, but directly to the goods. To do this, you need DeepLink. This tool can even be integrated into the browser in some direct affiliate programs to receive a ready-to-place affiliate link directly from the page of the selected product.

Banners and Coupons
This is another type of advertising placement. In each affiliate, there is a number of standard banners and coupons – you need to choose the design, size, create a new element, and place it on your site.

Promo Landings
Landing is a one-page advertising site that promotes a particular product. In affiliates, in addition to banners and coupons, there are also templates of landing pages. You choose not only the design of the advertising page, but also customize the elements placed on it – so you can adapt the look and functionality of the landing page to the requests or the characteristics of the promoted goods.

Landing is placed on a subdomain; you can also create your own site, then you can direct traffic to the landing page (from social media, using contextual advertising, personal sites, etc.). The landings, as a rule, have the highest conversion rates, because such page concentrates the buyer's attention on a particular product or group of products, there is no unnecessary information on the landing, and everything is sold here.

Referral program
As mentioned above, you can receive 5% of passive income for attracting new webmasters. To work with this tool, the affiliate provides ready-made links that can work both in the standard desktop mode and can be placed in a mobile application or on banners.

7. Allowed traffic sources
We all know what aliexpress is and that goods there can be bought almost for nothing. But not everyone knows how you can make money on aliexpress using an official affiliate program. To do this, it is enough to have traffic on your site whether it is a website, a YouTube channel, or some other source of traffic.

To be a partner of Aliexpress is beneficial. If you do everything right and attract more buyers and referrals, then you will certainly have a good monthly income.

Therefore, it is better to find products with an average price, write articles and correctly allocate keys to them, and also promote your project in various white ways. You need to create your website and on its pages, post reviews of the product that you picked.

By the way, you can also connect it to your video channel on YouTube. This will help you make excellent reviews and post them on your site.

And in the future, you can double your sales! Be sure to make a description and set the button for ordering in each description of the goods.

Aliexpress affiliate also helps in the creation of an online store.

Banner advertising
We've all seen this kind of advertising on the Internet. As a rule, many partner programs have advertising materials, including banners. There are special services where you can buy places for banners.

Teaser advertising
Teaser advertising is widespread on the Internet. Its meaning is to intrigue a person with understatement and thus, force them to go to the site with the advertised product.

Advertising in teaser networks is not a tool for beginners, since it requires a special, complex configuration. You cannot use teaser networks immediately, you have to learn first how to work with this kind of traffic attraction. But teaser advertising is one of the best types of advertising on the Internet. With the help of teaser networks, you can get the best results, but this works only in the hands of a master.

Advertising on social media, open communities, groups
Traffic from social media, open communities, and groups is very important. It is worth using because people now spend a lot of time there.

On the social media, there is also targeted advertising. Externally, this advertising is the same teasers. Such advertising tool cannot be taken with a pounce and before investing money in this advertising channel, it would be necessary to learn how to work with it so as not to drain the budget.

If you have a YouTube channel, just add interesting links relevant to your video. Soon you will notice how many people follow them. If your videos are interesting, useful, and compelling, then many subscribers will make purchases.

Cashback is a refund of a portion of the money for a purchase in an online store. Who returns the money? A seller. Since there is wild competition in the market, sellers are willing to pay a portion of the money from the purchase to the one who brought the buyer. At the moment, there is a great number of cashback services and it is not so easy to choose the best one.

All AliExpress customers can take an advantage of the favorable terms and conditions of the cashback service. The size of the discount depends on the number of purchases made. To put it simply, with the increase in the number of purchases, the saved amount of money increases.

Contextual advertising
Another type of advertising is contextual advertising. For example, in Google AdWords. Here, before you start employing this promotional tool, you need to learn how to use it, otherwise, the advertising budget will vanish very soon.

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