Here Are Some Affiliate Weaknesses

Dicatnews - Here Are Some Affiliate Weaknesses. Affiliate Marketing is a business model that appeals to many people who are new to internet marketing and online business.

Being an Affiliate Marketer makes it easy for you to sell something without having to make or have your own product which is often a challenge for people just starting out.

Until now there are a lot of Indonesian people who are successful in the world of affiliate marketing, earning thousands of dollars per month, not something that is surprising at this time.

Although affiliate marketing seems like a dream business model (no need to make your own product, no need to take care of administration, customers, etc.) but actually affiliate marketing also has shortcomings and weaknesses, that is what I will discuss in this article, namely the three disadvantages of affiliate marketing.

The first disadvantage is that your Income Depends on the Other Party

When we become an affiliate marketer, you promote someone else's product or service. Usually there is a registration process where you in principle must agree with the rules of the game.

For example, we promote products from merchant A, where you have created a website that promotes products from the A. Then you also try hard to use various traffic strategies that bring enough visitors to merchant A's website so sales occur.

You begin to enjoy the fruits of our labor by earning regular commissions every month from the merchant A.

But one time, maybe merchant A changed their mind where they want the price of their product to be more competitive so they have to reduce costs. One of them might do is reduce affiliate commission or even delete the affiliate system.

If that happens, then your income will immediately Free Fall and all your previous efforts to promote merchant A will be in vain.

Especially in the CPA or CPL industry (a branch of Affiliate Marketing) where you only need to provide prospects to the company and you already get a commission (prospects don't need to buy anything, for example the insurance industry, credit etc.).

Companies like this usually only need a lot of prospects in a temporary period of time (3-6 months), after which they have stopped first. So you create a campaign that brings results, get ready, suddenly the merchant / vendor that you are promoting stops the affiliate program.

Or what often happens is the merchant or company changes the rules of the game or Terms of Service (TOS) and then suspends or blocks you as an affiliate (even removes your commission) for violating the TOS (which you yourself are not clear about).

All of the above is a common thing that happens in the affiliate marketing industry. This is the reality that you must realize that in the affiliate marketing industry, your income does depend on other parties.

The merchant / vendor is the last decision maker where we as an affiliate marketer can only relatively accept, without a vote.

The Second Weakness is You Don't Build An Asset (Customer Data)

Many affiliate marketers for some time, realize that they get a commission from visitors that they send to the merchant's website and eventually become their customers.

But the publishers have absolutely no such customer data as what their name is, their email, what they buy and others.

Yet in the business world, we must realize that the most valuable asset is the Customer Database.

Businesses that have a customer database will make the business grow long term because we can usually promote other products or get repeat orders from existing customer data.

So as an affiliate marketer who is only a traffic broker (supplying traffic to merchants) we don't have a customer database that we can use to develop our business (unless we do a List Building strategy).

The third drawback is that we have to compete with other affiliate marketers

The third thing you have to realize when jumping into affiliate marketing is that you have to face competition from other affiliate marketers who also sell or promote the same product / service.

The key word here is to sell the same product. So that there is relatively no difference between you and other people. Somewhat different situation, if you become a Product Owner where you can make differentiation or difference with competing products.

For this reason, usually an affiliate marketer is rarely willing to share or tell what are the promotional items, tell the details of the website or the details of advertisements that are used to many people. They know all these things can be traced easily. The goods sold are the same.

This is sometimes not realized by people who have not been in the world of affiliate marketing. They think it's weird not to want to share or share. 

The story will be different if we become a Product Owner or Merchant, where we are the owner of a product then we will definitely try to tell everyone about our products.

Those are some of the disadvantages of affiliate marketing. So some of the affiliates began to devote their focus and energy to making products so that they could become Product Vendors or build online businesses that in the process of building assets in the form of customer databases such as Online Shop Businesses.

Until now many publishers still have a very decent source of income as an affiliate, but the strategy is different from that done by affiliate marketers in general who are only traffic brokers. 

But despite its shortcomings, affiliate marketing will always be attractive to many people because there is no need to bother making products that are certainly far more complex, no need to bother taking care of administration and customers.

Knowing the disadvantages of affiliate marketing is not to bring down the potential of affiliate marketing, but all affiliates must know the reality.

Affiliate marketing is still good, it is also very suitable for beginners in the world of internet marketing because we will learn the most important thing, the promotion aspect. Later on, we can develop into various other business models.

This source is obtained from affiliate cultivators who have long been in the world of affiliate marketing.

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