Get Additional Income Online Easily from Niagahoster

DicatNews - Get Additional Income Online Easily from Niagahoster. Trusted and most profitable affiliate program in Indonesia. Get millions of rupiah commission every month. Start your affiliate business now, FREE! 

Niagahoster has paid commission as much as 4793 times with a total of Rp. 8,522,927,359 to 1779 active affiliate members. If you intend to join, please join here

Commission and Payment
What benefits can I get?

You can get unlimited passive income. It is enough to refer sales to Niagahoster . As easy as chatting with your friends. Here is what you can get:

The production  Komisi
Hosting 70%

How to pay?
Payout can be done if the sales target reaches at least 2 affiliates / year where both affiliates must have an active status (not cancel or suspended). If you only get 1 active affiliate in the first year, the affiliate commission can be disbursed if it reaches the target in the second year and the affiliate must be active. If the target is not achieved in 2 consecutive years, the commission collected in the first year is automatically scorched. Determination starts from the client's affiliation registered.

Your commission will be processed only in 30 days after your first sale occurs. For example, if you make an affiliate withdrawal on December 3, it will be processed on January 6.

How do I get started and find out about the payment?

You must like the Niagahoster Facebook page to join this affiliate program. Disbursement of our affiliate commissions is carried out collectively on the 6th of every month and announced through our facebook page.

The Benefits You Get
millions of money commission
Affiliate business with the biggest commission
Income is profitable and unlimited
Mandiri BCA payment
A variety of promotional media
Payments directly to your bank account
30 day disbursement
The fastest payment in just  30 days

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